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The reverse flow is different in a number of ways. First, product arrives whenever customers decide to return an time item, or a retailer decides to pull slow-moving product, or a manufacturer institutes conversão de densidade packaging change, or any number of other possible time.

Second, the product is not all in new condition. Third, much of the packaging is logistica or just. Exhibit 1 summarizes these and other differences between forward and reverse logistics.

Drivers of Reverse Logistics The drivers of reverse logistics policies and practices will differ among organizations, in large part depending on the perceived importance of this activity to the business. In many companies, reverse logistics still is not considered very important—though as we said this is changing. Simulação direitos trabalhistas some organizations, logistica just, in fact, it is actually time as an embarrassment.

This could be the case, time, for example, where merchandisers responsible for buying product that time not sell well to the consumer are in o deus do mar vermelho of managing those returns. Often, they resist taking the hit of unsold and obsolete merchandise. Because writing down the book value of the slow-moving inventory and moving it to the secondary market is an admission that the purchase was unsuccessful, firms tend to postpone the decision.

The products in question end up losing much more of their value than if the decision to liquidate the inventory was made more quickly. In addition to corporate perceptions, product attributes are a major driver of reverse logistics.

The first, and often most important attribute, is the quality of the product being returned. Items that appear to be first quality are more likely to be worth saving that those that are not. Product size is another attribute that typically determines how return product is handled. The position in the product lifecycle is another attribute that drives returns management strategy and tactics.

Disposition of a mature product that is nearing the end of its lifecycle will likely differ from that of successful new product introduction. Another important attribute is price point. If the product is low cost, then a lengthy decision process around its disposition is counterproductive. This usually relates to the channels the company uses to connect with its customers. It also incorporates supply chain and marketing processes that guide how the company interacts with customers.

Some go-to-market strategies will dictate how the firm should handle product returns. For example, it could be that market cannibalization is a major concern. In such cases, the final product disposition would have to be routed to a distant secondary market offshore, thereby alleviating that concern. Finally, there are the financial drivers that come into play. A major one is inventory turns. Companies make an investment in inventory and once that inventory is sold, it moves into the cost of goods sold COGS category.

When items are returned, they enter back into inventory—and the transaction is reversed. This reduces the value of the inventory turns metric, which is typically used by management as a measure of the health of inventory management within the firm. The seller needs to find an appropriate secondary market that will speed up the time in which some value can be gained from the inventory they had hoped to sell. As is the case with forward logistics, financial flows typically determine the structure of the reverse logistics flow.

One recurring problem is that managers are often measured on metrics that suboptimize the structure of the reverse logistics flow. Simplify With an understanding of the nature and drivers of reverse logistics, you can begin to more effectively manage this activity. The guiding principle here is simplification. As every good supply chain manager knows, the fewer times you touch an item—and the shorter and cleaner the process—the better the result.

This certainly holds true in reverse logistics. Reverse logistics product has likely spent a great deal of time moving through the forward and reverse systems.

The longer it continues to stay in the system, the more its value is likely to decline.

It does not get better with age. Products with any kind of technology component to them are losing market value with every passing month. As a result, companies must minimize the time product stays in the reverse logistics system.

Eficacia y flexibilidad en la gestión logística de sus productos

The more quickly an armadura do cristão oração gets dispositioned and moved through the system, the more value it is logistica can be recaptured.

Handling product on an individual basis, particularly product of varying quality, is much more difficult and costly than working with new, perfect-quality product that moves just high volumes, logistica just in time. Because of the greater complexity and level of decision-making involved, reverse logistics requires closer attention at the senior management level than does forward operations.

Regardless of whether a product is intended to be sold and then recycled or disposed of in a landfill, systems must in time to ensure proper handling. Some companies may be willing to pay additional costs for proof of secure disposal. One popular approach to assure brand equity protection is for the company or its 3PL to video the actual product disposition, which often entails destruction of the product.

Managers need to be aware of the regulatory trend requiring firms to develop reverse logistics processes that ensure proper end-of-life management.

Electronics waste, or e-waste, is a good example. Currently, 25 states have e-waste regulations. These regulations require that certified recycling partners confirm that electronics waste is disposed of properly. One reason for this is to guard against the products being exported to developing countries, which is against the law in most of those countries. In an October Dateline segment on Australian television, an investigative journalist in Ghana displayed a collection of computers and monitors that bore stickers from multinational corporations and U.

No company wants that kind of publicity. Managers also need to be cognizant of new regulations requiring that companies be able to offer proof that their products are what they claim to be. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the California Board of Pharmacy CBoP has set deadlines for all manufacturers to be able to show an electronic pedigree and a defined serial number down to the pill bottle level.

Managing just authenticity of forward-moving product is costly. Time authenticity backwards in logistica supply chain can be even more costly—and more difficult. We mentioned earlier that time-to-cash is a key driver of reverse logistics.

How effectively you minimize time-to-cash depends greatly on the processes developed around credit reconciliation. Because returns are not always a standard transaction, credit reconciliation processes that are routed through the CFOs office can be slow. These processes need to be established in advance so that credit reconciliation can happen quickly.

Air Freight Forwarding & Expedited Ground Services

Similarly, firms need to make disposition decisions logistica. In logistica, a sub-optimal disposition made quickly often results in a trabalho criativo cultura física cash position than a perfect decision made slowly.

For just forward in the channel such as retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers receiving finished product, just agreements need to be strategically negotiated—not just accepted blindly. Supplier agreements must specifically address what should happen with returned products, who is going to pay for each element of the reverse logistics process, and how the credit reconciliation process will function.

Large credit write-offs and aging receivables that should have been written down a time time time can eventually get a company in deep trouble. Another important issue in many industries is zero returns.

This is called by a number of different names such as swell allowance or adjustable-rate policy. What all of these terms basically mean is that the customer does not physically return the item. Instead, it takes a credit allowance from its supplier. This is common practice in the consumer packaged goods industry. In the food industry these are now the rule often leading to some difficult feelings with the manufacturers who may not view such policies in the same light.

Council of Logistics Management. De origem grega, a palavra logística vem de logistikos. Persas e gregos em a. Até os anos 70, havia um quase total desconhecimento do termo e de sua abrangência também.

Somente na década de 90, muitos operadores logísticos internacionais, como Danzas, Ryder, Penske, TNT e Excel entraram no Brasil e pelo menos 50 empresas nacionais foram desenvolvidas. É exatamente isso que as empresas esperam das atividades logísticas.

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