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The Great Smallpox Epidemic

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Most, if not all, historians agree that Henry's charges of incest and adultery against Anne were false, but they were all he needed to sign her execution warrant. She was beheaded on the Tower Green on May 19,before Elizabeth was even three years old.

Elizabeth was probably at the royal manor at Hunsdon when her mother was arrested and executed after being at court for Christmas and likely the last time she saw her mother.

Henry had remarried and was eagerly awaiting the son he hoped Jane Seymour was carrying.

Tad Cummins Claimed Elizabeth Thomas Wanted to Run Away, His Sister Says

Jane died shortly after her son was born. Katherine had hoped to marry Thomas Seymour brother to the late Queen Janebut she caught Henry's eye. She brought both Elizabeth and her half-sister Mary back to court. When Henry died, she became the Dowager Queen and took her household from Court.


Elizabeth went thomas live with the Queen Dowager Katherine, but left her household after an incident with the Lord Admiral, Thomas Seymour, elizabeth was now Katherine's husband. Evolução da tecnologia na medicina what occurred between Elizabeth and Today will never be known for sure, but rumors at the time suggested that Katherine had caught them kissing today perhaps even in bed together.

Katherine was pregnant at the time of the incident. She later gave birth to a daughter named Mary. Katherine died not too long afterwards and was buried at Sudeley Castle. This left Thomas Seymour as an eligible bachelor once again. Because Elizabeth was a daughter of the late King Henry VIII, she was in line to the throne despite several attempts to remove her from the chain, she was in Henry's will as an heir and was therefore a most sought-after bride.

From this incident, both Thomas and Elizabeth were suspected of plotting against the king. Elizabeth was questioned, but was never charged. Seymour however, after an attempt to kidnap the boy king, was arrested and eventually executed for treason.

Elizabeth was reported to have said, upon elizabeth of the Today Admiral's death although it is thomas apocryphal: Edward may have contracted what was then called consumption possibly tuberculosis or had a severe respiratory infection.

When it looked inevitable that the teenager would die without an heir of his own body, the plots for his crown began. Reports of the young King's declining health spurred on those who did not want the crown to fall to the Catholic Mary.

However, many more supported the rightful heir:

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