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The opposite angel expels a dark personification to the other side of the moon. Here is a small sample of arte in the Byzantine style, arte medieval, showing the Sun and medieval Moon with human attributes: They are also found in the work of painters like Dürer, Crivelli, Raffaello, Bramantino, and in illuminated medieval manuscripts: The two objects near the cross are an anthropomorphic representation of the Sun and the Moon shown in much the same way as in many other Byzantine Crucifixions.

The two strange objects at the sides of the cross are considered to be the UFOs: After this early publicity, the pictures were featured in many books about UFOs. But this Crucifixion also follows the common iconographic model of the Middle Ages.

On the edges arte the composition, in the same position as in the fresco of Visoki Decani, the Sun and the Moon are represented as human witnesses to the Crucifixion just as they are medieval the previous painting.

Medieval both art works the figures who represent the Sun and the Arte look towards the Cross that is located in the center of the composition. The Sun and Moon, represented as human figures, are visible in many Byzantine-Orthodox sacred paintings, therefore as we have seen in the previous understood one it, dedicated to the Crucifixion of Mtskheta. Below a particular of an ancient Gospel Treasure of Saint Clement, sec. XIV and a modern byzantine fresco: They survived into the early Renaissance but are seldom seen after the 15th century.

Their origin is very ancient. It was the custom to represent the sun and moon in images of the pagan sun gods of Persia and Greece, a practice that was carried over into Roman times on coins depicting the emperors. Gran Gala Flamenco 2.

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