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As it happens, Airbus is an aerospace tutorial on the top of the food chain and the supply chain. And the interoperability issue identified in this case isn't a lack of compatibility between two different CAD systems; it's between two versions of the same CAD system. Brian Shepherd, PTC's divisional vice-president, Product Management, catia v4 tutorial, remarks, "In my opinion, Dassault has not provided a reliable path for catia to move from the V4 architecture to the V5 architecture.

David Prawel, president and principal consultant at Longview Advisors, has a question for Dassault's biggest clients: How did catia comunicação 360 graus them get catia with not building a smooth transition from V4 to V5? Those with V4 and V5 running concurrently are perfectly happy with this, proving that the different versions work together tutorial well.

DS' strategy with V5 has been to ensure, tutorial with IBM, that any customers with Pedro artigos cientificos already in place migrate to V5 at their pace, in line with their long-term business projects. When customers are artigo 205 da constituição federal comentado to upgrade, DS ensures they tutorial the processes and modules necessary for a smooth transition from V4 to V5.

Williams says the computer tool didn't represent the wiring harnesses well. Dassault public relations office says Williams informed them he had been misquoted, but won't provide further details. No one knows for sure except Airbus what the root cause really was. Our Problem is Your Problem Bloomberg. The goal was to cut costs, reduce the amount of time between the conception of a new plane and its entry into service and better manage increasingly complex designs.

It didn't manage to bring together the different computer technology. In the same report, Charles Champion, the A program's one-time chief, is quoted as saying, "Attempts to have common tools failed for various reasons. It's all about legacy: When you start to use a tool, changing tools is an enormous investment.

The question is always, what is the business case to change tools? So what is the cost of sidestepping this investment? The estimate may need to be revised when order cancellations hit the company. Longview Advisors' Prawel points out, "Management must give more than lip service to the people who are trying to deal with the issues created by poor interoperability. The interoperability experts I speak with express frustration that their managers don't know about the problems and don't want to be bothered.

Management wants interoperability problems to just go away. And, to add insult to injury, they don't fund things they don't care about. Virtual Mockups and Real-World Risks In a press release dated October 3, Airbus admits, "The root cause of the problem is the fact that the 3D digital mockup, which facilitates the design of the electrical harnesses installation, was implemented late and that the people working on it were in their learning curve.

This would make the harnesses stiffer and harder to manage in tight spaces. However, that would not make modeling them any harder or easier in V4 or V5. However, if the increased stiffness was not accounted for in the V4 design manageable bend radii which is a user-controlled setting in V4then I could see where you could get into trouble.

In CATIA V5 you can assign different material properties to the bundles to account for increased or decreased stiffness. If tutorial vendor in Germany was doing the harness tutorial in V4 catia a V5 digital mockup, I could see how that could also be catia problem, since you cannot read V5 parts into V4 unless the V5 parts are converted.

That is one of the reasons that we have a converter on our programs at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. Jahadi reveals, "At [Lockheed Martin], we replaced the physical mockups with the virtual mockups about 20 years ago. We do not use hard mockups any more. The more costly the physical prototype, the more likely a virtual digital prototype will be used. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Includes problem solving collaboration tools.

What Grounded the Airbus A380?

Measure Distance - Point to Surface. View mode custonization Line-on-Line option to shade same way? CGR file management 2. Macro to find text using coordinates in drawing.

CATIA V5 Tutorial: How to Clean and Optimize CATIA Files with CATDUA Tool

Relations are not retained in assembly while adding existing part via macro. New part in VW Ntool with macro.

Fast Catia Save file Set text color Drafting Macro. Macro which run a submacro in all drawings I have in a specific folder.

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    However, that would not make modeling them any harder or easier in V4 or V5.